Federal Wildlife Officers and Former Refuge Officers

NWROA is pleased to be able to offer you an opportunity to own history!  This is a limited time offer to buy back your old badges mounted in lucite with your name.  You will only have one option for mounting your badge, and you can only buy back two badges.  You do not need to be a member of NWROA to purchase your badge, but you may only buy back your OWN Refuge Officer badge. 

Due to unforseen problems with the collection of funds, we are going to suspend collecing money, and move to asking you to send us your request for your badges without collecting the money.  Click on webmaster@nwroa.org and send your name, badge number, mailing address and whether you want one or two badges. 

Cost per badge will be an estimated $100 which includes all shipping and processing.  Pricing breakdown is as follows:
Blackington Fee: $72
Paypal Transaction Fee: $3
NWROA Processing: $10
Shipping each badge to three locations: $~15

If the shipping comes in cheaper, we will include a refund with your badge.

The list of interested buyers will then be forwarded to the Washington Office.  NWROA staff will get the badges to Blackington.  Blackington will then lucite and  NWROA will ship each mounted badge to its new owner.  Estimated delivery date will be 3-6 months from our closing sale date. The badges will be processed in small increments by Blackington, so delivery times will greatly vary.  If your badge is not available for mounting, your money will be refunded.

NWROA is charging $10 for processing.  That money will go into NWROA funds for the continued mission support of NWROA - "Protecting Those Who Protect Our National Wildlife Refuges."  

***If you have any questions, please contact the webmaster.
Refuge Officer Badge Buyback Program

Lucite Wedge >> 5” H x 2+7/8”W x 5/8” T x 7/8” B.  Blue bkg; with Gold A11606 engraving plate with engraved PLAIN letters (no enamel). Three lines of engraving on plate included, name on top and NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE SYSTEM (done on bottom two lines) on bottom.