Membership in The Association of Federal Wildife Officers

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Membership is open to all active duty commissioned Federal Wildlife Officers; and to retired officers, resigned officers, friends and supporters.

Active membership is available to permanent and seasonal full or part time employees who are now or once were commissioned Federal Wildlife Officers. Initial dues will be $40.00 annually due on February 1st, of each successive year. Annual dues may be adjusted by a majority vote of the Board after consideration of operation expense needs.

Retired membership is available to all retired employees who met the requirements for Active Membership at the time of retirement. Retired Officers will have annual dues of $25.00 due on February 1st.

Honorary membership may be appointed by vote of the Board of Directors and shall not be required to pay annual dues. The membership may submit nominations for honorary membership to the Board at any time. Acceptance will be determined based on service to the Association and to the profession of Refuge Law Enforcement.

Associate membership is available to all friends and supporters who subscribe to the charter and objectives of the Association listed in Article I.  Associate members will have annual dues of $20.00 due on January 1 and are non-voting members who may not hold elected office.

You can pay for your membership two different ways: 

1) Make a check out to The AFWO and mail it to:          OR          Click the button to pay online using PayPal!
The AFWO C/O Rob Hirschboeck
N15094 Delaney Rd
Trempealeau, WI  54661

If you have any technical issues or questions
contact the webmaster.  

*Remember, the funds generated by dues goes towards helping our Officers! 

Membership Benefits

FEDS - Professional Liability Insurance

FEDS now offers a discounted liability insurance to all NWROA members.

These liability insurance plans provide legal defense services to you if you are accused of job-related wrongdoing and also offer indemnification (usually up to one million dollars) if you are sued and a judgment of money damages is issued against you.

Let's clear up one major misconception - you as a federal employee can be sued. Federal employees in all job types can be sued personally by private persons for alleged violations of their constitutional and common law rights. You should know that DOJ has frequently taken the position that it is NOT in the scope of your employment or the interest of the U.S. to defend an employee. Even if the allegation arose during the scope of your employment, DOJ still has the discretionary decision to defend you.

Click here to visit the FEDS website.

Special Discounts From Our Partners

Reimbursment of Retirement Credentials

Free Subscription of International Game Warden Magazine (Starting in 2012)

Active Members are eligible for the Paul Krogel Scholarship

Children of Active Members are eligible for the NWROA Scholarship

Delivery of NWROA E-Newsletter Monthly
Associate Membership - $20
****The Association of Federal Wildlife Officers is seeking your input regarding the price of membership. The PayPal function will be disabled until the dues price is decided. If you would support a dues increase, or have any other input please send an e-mail to*******